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Lizards, Too, May Sleep in Stages - New York Times

New York TimesLizards, Too, May Sleep in StagesNew York TimesAll animals, most scientists agree, engage in some form of sleep. But the stages of sleep that characterize human slumber had until now been documented only in mammals and birds. A team of researchers in Germany announced in a report published on ...Snoring Lizards Reveal Sleep Predates DinosaursDiscovery NewsDo Australian Dragons Dream? Sleep Discovery Surprises ScientistsLive ScienceDo bearded dragons dream? Reptiles share sleep patterns with mammals and birdsScience DailyReuters -Tech Times -Science Magazineall 12 news articles »

Teen mothers struggle to follow safe infant sleep practices - Fox News

Fox NewsTeen mothers struggle to follow safe infant sleep practicesFox NewsAlthough most teen mothers know that co-sleeping with their baby or putting the baby to sleep with soft bedding or blankets increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), many do so anyway, a small U.S. study suggests. "I was quite ...and more »

Real Estate|Arianna Huffington's Sleep Revolution Starts at Home - New York Times

New York TimesReal Estate|Arianna Huffington's Sleep Revolution Starts at HomeNew York TimesArianna Huffington was sitting like a very relaxed queen in her SoHo bedroom on a thronelike bergère chair covered in brocade Fortuny fabric. It was time to wind down, 8 p.m. Behind her, an embroidered throw pillow announced: “Sleep your way to the top.”.Arianna Huffington on why she thinks Donald Trump needs more sleepWGN-TVArianna Huffington and a NBA Star on Why Sleep Is Crucial to SuccessTIMEArianna Huffington's Wake-Up Call Prompted 'The Sleep Revolution'Chicago Tonight | WTTWWLS-TV -Tri County Sentry (blog)all 10 news articles »

A Concussion Can Lead To Sleep Problems That Last For Years - NPR

NPRA Concussion Can Lead To Sleep Problems That Last For YearsNPRA study of 31 patients with this sort of brain injury found that 18 months afterward, they were still getting, on average, an hour more sleep each night than similar healthy people were getting. And despite the extra sleep, 67 percent showed signs of ...Sleep Problems Linger After Head InjuryLive ScienceLong after brain trauma, sleep problems persistLos Angeles TimesSleep Doesn't Come Easy After a Brain InjuryWebMDScience Daily -Tech Timesall 33 news articles »

Working while sleepy? You might as well do vodka shots at your desk - The Guardian

The GuardianWorking while sleepy? You might as well do vodka shots at your deskThe GuardianA recent study found that one-third of Americans get less than the recommended seven hours of sleep. One sleep psychologist said we are so sleep-deprived that on any given day we're functioning like we've been doing vodka shots at our desks. Missing ...

Using White Noise for Sleep - Huffington Post

Huffington PostUsing White Noise for SleepHuffington PostExternal noises, which disturb sleep more during the first three hours, often wake you or cause involuntary shifts in bed too brief to recall when you get up. How easily you return to sleep depends on the time and your emotional response to the sound.

Sounders reap benefits of tracking, educating players on "sleep technology" -

Sounders reap benefits of tracking, educating players on "sleep technology"MLSsoccer.comUsing high-tech wristwatches that track sleep patterns, Seattle's highly-respected sports scientists have spent significant amounts of time and money to track their players' rest habits over two- to three-week periods during various stages of the season.and more »

After life-changing shooting, teen's spirit shines through

Abigail Kopf winces, nuzzling the side of her head into her Batman pillow. She needs relief.

Kalamazoo shooting survivor, 14, heads home at last

Two months after she was shot in the head, her heart stopped beating and her parents began preparing their goodbyes, 14-year-old Abigail Kopf walked out of a Michigan rehab center Wednesday, weak but smiling.

Judge rules Kalamazoo shooting suspect Brian Jason Dalton fit for trial

A Michigan man who blamed Uber for the deadly shooting spree he's accused of has been deemed competent to stand trial.

District changes bathroom policy after student fights back

A South Carolina school district is updating its policy to allow transgender students to use restrooms consistent with their gender identity.Recent podcasts: Bernie gets the Axe | Blindsided: How ISIS Shook The World | Graham Opposes GOP Leader

Alabama city: Use bathrooms that match biological sex or face 6 months in jail

Transgender people in Oxford, Alabama, could now face six months in jail for using restrooms labeled for the gender they identify with.

Transgender policies across the country

A flurry of policies affecting transgender people has swept the country in recent weeks, leading to widespread protests, economic losses and a growing debate about equality and privacy.

Little miracles, big decisions after infertility

From celebrating the everyday joys of being a new parent, to preparing to adopt another child, to contemplating future pregnancies, four couples who have struggled with infertility are moving forward.